What you need to know before hiring Welfare Units

21 October 2020

Discover how you can get book welfare units through PAL Hire – especially when other suppliers are unable to take your booking.

At this time of year welfare units are in high demand. Signalled by a change in the season and the pending clock change. The Autumn heralds darker afternoons and the potential for more inclement weather. In all, potentially taking its toll on deadlines on site. Having refuge and a place for the team to dry off, rest and recuperate in-between stints outside – Is a basic requirement for your workforce welfare needs.

With some of the UKs major short- and long-term welfare unit vendors turning business away in lieu of more lucrative blue-chip contracts. It is possible for you to hire your welfare units from us. As a brokerage, our business model requires us to have multiple suppliers for all of the lines we carry. Our repeat business customer discover that we have suppliers who are waiting to fulfil orders. But as with the case with some of our new customers. We are having to dig deep into our supply chain to make sure that we can meet your welfare unit requirements.
What is driving the demand for welfare units?

There is always a seasonal rush to ensure that the workforce has the tools and equipment they need to keep to deadlines during the winter months. Effective social distancing on bigger sites could be driving up demand as the amount of staff that can be housed in certain models or types of welfare unit could be reduced. There are also major civil engineering works being carried out throughout the UK. HS2 lifted the lid on some of its major construction jobs as the summer came to a close. And the HIS UK purchasing managers’ index for construction rose to 56.8% in September from 54.6% in the previous month – according to Reuters, this is the fasted pace of growth in nearly five years. (source: https://www.ft.com/content/6396d3af-269d-49cd-9225-fa480325e8a6). Add a cheeky little stamp duty holiday for purchasers of homes valued up to £500,000 now is the time to get those new builds out of the ground.
What Types of Welfare Unit Can I hire from PAL Hire?

• For 1 to 10 persons and beyond
• Mobile and Static
• Self-Contained Off Grid Capable (Water and Electricity Generating)
• Secure
• Including Canteens and Offices
• Drying Rooms
• Stacking Solutions for Larger Sites

If you are struggling to find welfare units for your site, or a site that is coming up. We say order through us, but the best practice now is to give us as much notice as possible about your welfare unit requirements. The more notice we have about your requirements, the easier it will be for us to meet demand. In the first instance, complete on of our online forms or give our team a call. We have over 1000 suppliers the length and breadth of the UK, chances are we have a solution for you.

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