Whatever Happens on Site, We can Sort it, just open an account!

27 January 2021

Opening an account with us means we are prepared and ready to respond to any equipment hire issue that may arise. Often customers discover they need us when one of the following issues happens.

  • Bad Weather
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Supplier Error
  • Unexpected Kit Issues

Bad Weather

As with the nature of the United Kingdom, we are on a parallel with Moscow, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. An island nation where precipitation happens. That’s right, it rains in the UK a lot. We are often surprised when the weather does not match our expectations or the latest forecast. It is no surprise one of the most talked about subjects in the UK, is the weather. But the truth is, if we are not prepared for a bit of British Weather, then things can go wrong.

That means being ready to factor in for the climate at the right time of year. It is normally the extremes of weather which can stop a project on its path to meeting milestones and eventual deadlines. Ultimately triggering penalty clauses. Hot, cold, wet, flooded and windy…generally are the extremes of British weather which can play havoc with equipment, trades and everything in between.

When you need emergency welfare hire, storage, pump hire for flooding and heating for your wide-open space or team. Then we have a range of solutions to keep everything on track. An added bonus is if you need that kit on site on the same day, we can do that. But be sure to call and book early – else you will be looking at tomorrow morning.

Equipment Breakdown

It happens. There is no avoiding the inevitable, equipment, tools and even people break. The defining factor of your resilience to overcome equipment breakdowns, is preparation. Planning for the “what if” this breaks down…is the key here. If your excavator dies, or a dumpers wheels fall off and you need a quick solution, where can you turn? Your existing supplier may not be able to provide a replacement or you may find that an engineering crew may not make it to site until the next day – of at all.

To overcome the risk of equipment breakdown. It would be simple to have an account open with PAL Hire. This means you have all the paperwork (digital signed docs – 2 mins to easily sort) out of the way, and when you need us we can react even quicker. This means you have 4000 + bits of kit ready to be delivered to solve your equipment challenge.

Our customers are also happy to discover that we have multiple suppliers for core items of equipment. Yes, we have built in continency to our supply chain too!

Supplier Error

Booking equipment with a suppler for your building site should be a simple process. Many of our hire customers have “packs” of equipment, which they hire for jobs. Once they complete the project, they move on and we have the “pack” of equipment, ready to go when they get to the next site. To have that efficiency and ability to provide a seamless supply chain gives confidence to our most busy customers.

But what happens if your supplier sends you something in error, or you do not get your delivery at all? Once again, having a business account open with PAL Hire will give you the same confidence that our other customers enjoy. When your other supplier meets a challenge with equipment or then new can take the time and effort away from you to source an alternative.

Unexpected Kit Issues

The number of times our customers call with a specific problem they did not expect. It could be they have a physical issue to over come on site. Lifting something heavy or reaching something up high or just a response to a need to add extra productivity to the programme of works. Requiring more plant and or more waste management capability.

Our customers relish the fact that they can speak with our team and give them an equipment challenge to fulfil. Whether it is multiple sites to provide stacked welfare units, barriers for retail establishments or indeed the multiple servicing of portable toilets in multiple locations. Our account management team is backed with our support team – who work in concert to match your equipment hire and expectations. Even if those hire equipment issues are driven by the weather, equipment breakdown, supplier error or unexpected equipment needs!

Opening an Account to Hire Equipment

To open a business account with PAL Hire, so you can rent equipment UK wide. You need to be from a business registered with companies’ house. We always carry out the same checks standard to the equipment hire industry, just to safeguard our relationship. Once the account forms are signed by an active director of the company, identification is checked then you will be good to go. Speak to our team in the first instance. Let us know the kind of equipment you require and let’s see how we can help you.