Working at Heights - Congratulations you have evolved!

Working at Heights – Congratulations you have evolved!

27 March 2018

Having a height challenge is never a great thing. In many retail and industrial settings there is often call for reaching high places within a space safely. Long gone are the carefree days when anyone can simply pull out an extending ladder and carry out tasks at height.

The risks of such an action to life and limb are high enough, but the litigious world we work in and better working regulations means that our work places are a safer place to be. And rightly so.

The UK has always been at the vanguard of workplace safety, however the past 30 years in the work place have seen an amazing transition where worker safety is more important than – dare we say it the bottom line.

Working Safely at height costs

There is no denying it, staying safe in the workplace costs money – well an investment to ensure that your company and employees achieve your goals safely. From the correct use of individual protective equipment, powered access hire to the training involved to ensure your workforce is competent to achieve objectives at height in a safe way.

It took so long for working environments to adopt the principles of safety at height. Take the average human being. For all or marvellous anatomical abilities, being able to move our limbs in such a free motion (just look at the articulation of your elbow for example), conquering everything we do on a daily basis is a marvel.

The “ouch that hurt!” factor

Yet it really did take us more than a comfortable amount of time to realise that if you drop a said average human being from even the most moderate of heights – at least it is going to hurt a bit, result in a lump, bump, break and at most the unfortunate demise of the human subject.

Some are also surprised that dropping of most blunt objects from above a metre of an unprotected human head can have quite a detrimental effect on the human.

On a more serious note, safety has progressed sufficiently to mean you can go to work and not face impending injury or worse daily. Our working environments have become safer and more professional places to earn a living.

Congratulations you have evolved!

More importantly humankind has defeated Darwinism to finally have evolved to work at height without waiting millennia to develop longer arms or legs. Celebrate your safely working at height revolution!!

Regardless of what the task is, working at height is now a safe as it can possibly be with a number of tools (removing the need for those longer arms and legs) to facilitate safe working at height and access. These include:

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Boom Lifts
  • Low Level Access Machines
  • Platforms (erect on site)
  • Van/Mounted Cherry Pickers

Regardless of the working environment you now can reach high places. If you have the correct equipment available and the correct certification to operate the machinery. From warehouses to reach stock (which should be on a pallet and accessed with a forklift truck and man handled at ground level) to servicing lights at height – YES YOU CAN!

Certification and Competency to work at height

Alas along with the propensity to damage the human form, a fall from height or droppage from height has its responsibilities. As does the safe operation of machine used to access that heady working environment. You simply have to be competent at doing your job. If you job is to operate a scissor lift, or erect a steel platform tower then you need to get certified to do the job.



(International Powered Access Federation) is the most recognised governing bodies when it comes to using powered access equipment or Mobile Elevating Working Platforms

Ladder Safety

There are a number of ladder safety courses which can be taken, some of which are CPD certified if you are collating your continual professional development. Look for courses which are approved by ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)

PASMA Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers Association is an international not for profit organisation which provides and oversees the industry standard training scheme

Moving forward…well upward

PAL Hire has a national UK supply chain of powered access, working at height equipment and resources to help you get your working at height jobs done. This includes great providers of qualifications to ensure that you can continue in your height conquering working at height evolution.

Contact our hire desk today and see what options we have for your business.