Working Inside The Box: The Pop-Up Businesses Based Out Of Containers 2

Working Inside The Box: The Pop-Up Businesses Based Out Of Containers

12 July 2017

Here at PAL, we love to cover the latest happenings in the world of construction and industry, we especially love to talk about stories in which common building materials are put to more creative uses.

This week we are talking about the “retail revolutions” happening all over the UK in recycled container units. There are a handful of companies that hope to revolutionise the current landscape in which cash-strapped start-ups are out of luck if they hope of having real life premises in the city.

BBC News at the start of this year covered extensively what it is like for the businesses that live and operate from containers around the UK.

One common theme is that without this far more affordable way of retailing, many of the owners would be forced to operate from their sofas – hardly ideal when wanting to create a presence for your punters.

The range of businesses taking up the offer and breaking free from bricks and mortar is vast, from street food and restaurants, pubs, to lifestyle brands & independent fashion outlets, as well as office units for other firms.

As the cost of renting in the city gets even more expensive, reusing cargo containers is part of an ever-growing community in which sellers can mutually benefit from the additional footfall that comes from being a part of a retail community.

Forward thinking is also shown by those who founded the sites, both Pop Brixton & Boxpark have played host to regular concerts to attract those looking for something a bit different. Boxpark has already managed to attract some big names to their shows in an exclusive performance from Stormzy earlier last February.

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