Working with PAL Hire By Al-Murad Tiles

23 May 2018

Al-Murad is Britain’s largest independent ceramic tiles and natural stone importer and retailer, specializing in ceramic tiles and natural stone from all over the world including Spain, Turkey, and Italy. They have 60 branches nationwide.

Al-Murad buys large quantities straight from the manufacturer, meaning that they can pass on their savings to the customers. Not only this, but they will price match and give you a genuine quote. With over 30 years of business, they have extensive industry knowledge of the market and its products.

Al-Murad is one of PAL Hire’s account customers, using PAL Hire for their skip hiring needs on a regular basis at all their stores, we decided to delve into the world of tiles and explore why they love PAL Hire.

Hello Asif, thank you so much for getting involved today, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your company to begin with?

What we do is we import, we basically do tiles and bathrooms. We’ve been in business about 35 years we have one in Stockport and Oldham also. We have around 60 branches.

Sounds good, I may have to come and look at one of your showrooms when I have my own house! How long have you been using PAL Hire?

I’d say between 9-12 months.

And how did you find out about us?

Erm to be honest with you I just found you on google, we mainly use you for the skips. For us it’s more convenient for us because we use your skips all over then it’s only one bill so it’s good.

What keeps you coming back to PAL Hire?

To be honest with you I ask Jack to do something and he gets it done it straight away and I don’t have to mess about and chase it up. And the main reason is the one bill. It’s easier to manage, I like you because it’s convenient. Our head office is in Leeds so I’m personally in Leeds but in Scotland Bolton etc so we can hire skips from you for all our stores across the country and only have one bill to pay.

That’s great to hear, we pride ourselves on only having one payment no matter how much you hire. So, what is most important to you with hiring?

Whenever we use a company we expect them to do what we tell them to do. So, when there’s something you can’t do we would rather you tell us than string us along. We have a principle in our company If you can’t buy it you can’t have it we prefer to buy things, that’s why we don’t hire anything but skips, but you can’t really buy a skip, can you.

Not really haha, what is the biggest pain for you with hiring then?

When it comes to hiring if you’re on about hiring if we request someone to collect it and it doesn’t get collected it’s a bit of a headache because in the shops we have limited space. We also don’t like when people put things in your skip haha.

Oh not at all! Is there anything you feel PAL Hire could do to improve our service?

Well for what I use you for I can’t really fault you for what I use you for so no. I know you do a lot of stuff like when we first started someone came out about a toilet but it’s not something we need.

Thanks Asif!