Why Brownfield Solutions Ltd keep coming back

31 May 2018

Established in 2005, Brownfield Solutions Limited has quickly grown to be one of the North West’s leading industry experts in the field of geoenvironmental engineering. Offering quality geo-environmental consultancy assessments of both commercial and residential sites be it for due diligence, Greenfield site development, or the redevelopment of contaminated brownfield sites, as well as general all-around advice on geotechnical and environmental issues.

With offices in Cheshire and the West Midlands, they can successfully carry out work across the UK. Using the skills of their dedicated engineers, they can deliver cost-effective investigations and assessments to all corners of the country, tailoring their expertise to meet the requirements of the client. No matter the customer or the time frame, their team of specialists can get the job done, ensuring there is no compromise on quality or cost.

Hello Sophia, thank you for letting me interview you today, how long have you been using PAL Hire?

It was about a year ago that we first started using you.

That’s good, how did you find out about us?

Jay actually called the office. He called here and asked to speak to me, I don’t know if he spoke to an engineer and they told him it was me who does the booking in, so he contacted me.

What we do for Brownfield Solutions

What do you like the most about working with PAL Hire? What keeps you coming back?

I think I like it because they can organise everything for me so I don’t have to go to two or three places before I was going to multiple places and it was a lot to organise whereas now you can do it all for me it’s so much easier. Jay is a brilliant account manager, he always does everything he can to make sure every hire runs smoothly.

What is the most important factor in hiring for all of you at Brownfield Solutions?

Flexibility on price which you’re quite good with and we are quite last minute so jay is good at getting things sorted for us and if we need to cancel too.

 Is there anything you feel we could do to improve our service?

No, I think sometimes you struggle to compete with local companies, but Jay has worked on that to get prices down, he’s great at getting us the best price possible.

What do you feel the biggest pain is when it comes to hiring?

It used to be that we were going to multiple people but now we don’t have to worry about that. We hire all things from welfare units to JCB’s and portable toilets, containers and fencing so be able to get all of them from the same company is more convenient.

Thank you so much for your time Sophia, we’re so glad you’re happy with our service and Jay’s brilliance. It was a pleasure talking with you.

Update 09/07/2021 Brownfield Solutions Ltd continues to be a valued account with us